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After a fun summer with your friends and family by the pool, it’s now time to close your pool for the long, cold winter months. At Aquatics Technologies we’ll service your pool so that it’s ready this off season. Closing a pool can be overwhelming. At Aquatics Technology Inc. we will take on your pool servicing needs, so you don’t have to. We care about the work we do, we’re dedicated to making our customers completely satisfied. We’re here to help!

Aquatics Technology Inc. serves all of greater Danbury, Brookfield, and Bethel for pool winterization services. The way that you close your pool for the season has a huge impact on the effort you will have to put in once it’s time to opening your pool again. Properly closing above ground pools protects your pool from debris and harsh winter weather. This helps reduce the time and money needed to open your pool in the spring.Our professional staff will make sure your pool is completely protected and ready for it’s reopening in the spring.

Protecting Your Pool For the Winter

As cold weather starts to set in, it’s important that you start thinking about winterizing your swimming pool. The main purpose in winterizing your swimming pool is to protect it from damage due to freezing water and debris. Another reason to close your pool correctly is to keep it as clean as possible for the next season. Closing your swimming with Aquatics Technology Inc. of Greater Danbury, Brookfield, and Bethel will help you properly prepare and maintain your pool, saving you time and money when spring rolls around.

If you plan on utilizing your pool during the spring, it’s essential you prepare it for the winter. Winterizing your pool will protect your investment from being damaged during New Englands long and cold winter. As you know, temperatures can drop below freezing, and if there is water in your pool, you run a huge risk of damaging the structure of your pool. In addition, you can be in also in danger of breeding algae in your pool If freezing water doesn’t damage your pool, you’ll have to take the time and effort to completely clean your pool prior to opening in the spring again. Contact Aquatics Technology Inc. of Greater Brookfield, Danbury, and Bethel for a free quote on winterizing your pool.


When Should You Close Your Pool?

At Aquatics Technology Inc. we suggest closing your pool when the water is consistently around 65 degrees fahrenheit. When you close your pool with a temperature below 65 degrees, algae and micro organism become dormant and can’t grow. Decreasing the likelihood of algae growth helps the chemistry of your pool water, making reopening in the spring easier. If your pool is surrounded by various trees the leaves can clog your filtration system, it’s best if you close your pool before this can become a huge issue. You can close your pool at the right time, but if you close it incorrectly, you may still do more harm than good.

New England's erratic weather can sometimes make it tricky to determine a good time for closing your pool. If you’re unsure if you should close your pool, give Aquatics Technologies Inc. of Danbury, Brookfield, and Bethel a call, we’re more than happy to answer your questions and provide you with the appropriate actions.

Our Winterizing Services

Aquatics Technology Inc.of Danbury, Brookfield, and Bethel provides our customers with pre season and mid winter maintenance pool services. We are devoted to the preparation and maintenance of your pool. When you work with our friendly and professional staff you will receive a thorough walk through of our process along with our high quality pool care services.

When you call the Aquatic Technologies Inc team, one of our professionals will help you by preparing your pool for the winter.

Our services for preparation include:
  • Installing the pool cover.
  • Lower the water levels, so that plumbing lines are clear and don’t face the risk of freezing and bursting.
  • Disconnecting all of the pool equipment, such as the pool filter.
Then we will transition to:
  • Installing any winterizing plugs from all pool equipment you have such as skimmers, heater and pool cleaners.
  • Disconnect normal drain plugs to your equipment
  • Turn your system off.

At Aquatics Technology Inc. we provide our customers with maintenance during the winter.

These Maintenance services include:
  • Removing debris and excess water off pool cover.
  • Check installations and pool pumps, filters, and heaters.

Owning a swimming pool comes with maintenance and attention to detail. Pool maintenance is an important part of owning a pool. If you are not maintaining your pool, it could be dirty and harmful to those swimming in it when you open it back up in the spring. Save money and time by investing in our pool maintenance and preparation services. When in doubt contact our pool professionals to help in maintaining your pool over the winter months.


Why You Should Choose Aquatic Technologies for Pool Winterization Services

Aquatics Technologies of Greater Danbury, Brookfield & Bethel is an accredited A+ rated business, members of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association and the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. Our professional pool staff cares highly about the work we do, and pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality products and service. Call now to get your free quote!