Aquatic Technologies Inc provides Roxbury, CT with top quality management techniques to construct, maintain, and renovate in-ground swimming pools and spas. We specialize in servicing only in-ground pools. Our Certified Pool Operators and Maintenance Specialists staff provides affordable, professional, and quality work. We have over ten years of experience and expertise for any pool construction, maintenance, and renovation. You get the guarantee that Aquatic Maintenance will show up on time, finish any projects on schedule, and treat the customers fairly. Aquatic Technologies is Roxbury's most trusted pool contractor.

Pool Services offered in Roxbury, CT

  • Gunite and Vinyl Liner Pool Construction’
  • Pool Surface Re-plastering
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Opening & Closing Pool Services
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Emailed Pool Reports
  • Masonry Services
  • Commercial Pool Care

Pool Construction in Roxbury, CT

Gunite Pool Construction

Our custom swimming pools are built from scratch from the ground up. Several customizable designs ensures that you can have the pool you've always dreamed of, and the whole process begins with excavation. Once the area is properly excavated, a layer of mesh and steel wiring is put down along the ground. Next, a concrete mix is sprayed over the mesh, and the mesh will help to reinforce your pool. This will ultimately protect your pool in the winter months from any ice pressure build up. The third step is sanding, smoothing, and testing the durability, then layers of tile, stone, and plaster are laid down accordingly. This will waterproof your concrete, and for a final touch, you choose the color of the interior finish.

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

Aquatic Technologies, Inc. offers custom built vinyl liner swimming pools in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. We also offer a broad range of liner finishes that range anywhere from printed tile to stonework. The staff at Aquatic Technologies, Inc. will help any Roxbury homeowner decide on a vinyl liner based on the area you plan to install the pool in. It should be noted that vinyl liners are not as susceptible to cold weather or ice pressure as Gunite Pools is, but they do require proper care and maintenance to stay in the best possible shape for the life of the pool.

Pool Renovations in Roxbury, CT

Pool Surface Re-Plastering

If you notice your pool starting to have a peeling, leaking, or general deterioration problem, it may be time for surface re-plastering. This general maintenance step is recommended at least once every ten years, but it will vary depending on how well the pool is kept, and how much it is used. The certified staff at Aquatic Technologies, Inc. will pump the pool and clean it; after we chisel and sand any problem areas. We will coat the areas with an acid spray to get it ready for new plaster to be molded over it. The next step is applying the plaster and waiting for it to dry. Once it is dry, a new coat of paint will be applied, and your Roxbury pool will look like new. This is the same technique we use to correct any damage to your concrete patios or pool decks.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

As a general rule, it is a good idea to replace your vinyl liner every 15 years. The knowledgeable staff at Aquatic Technologies, Inc. will be more than happy to help you choose, measure, and install a new liner. We create a smooth, seamless process so you can get back in your pool that much quicker, and we work to make sure you receive the highest quality vinyl liners available. You pick your color scheme and design, and we'll handle the installation.

Pool Masonry in Roxbury, CT

Aquatic Technologies, Inc. also offers to build your pool surroundings. The masons and contractors on the Aquatic Technologies, Inc. team can build fireplaces, grottos, patios, steps, waterfalls, and more! We also offer several different stone types like brick, concrete, stone, and much more. If you would like to know more about how Aquatic Technologies, Inc. builds beautiful house installations, call our office at 203-770-67901.

Pool Maintenance in Roxbury, CT

Pool Openings

As soon as the weather warms up and you begin to think of all the fun pool activities and parties you have planned, call Aquatic Technologies, Inc. and they can get everything ready for you. The always professional Roxbury team will come to you home, clean your pool area, remove your pool cover, clean your pool, test the equipment, and leave you with a swim ready pool.

The particular pool openings include:

  • Winter Cover Removal
  • Start the Circulation System
  • Heater Testing
  • Add Chemicals
  • Debris Cleanup

Pool Closings

Unfortunately, you will eventually have to close your Roxbury pool for the season, but Aquatic Technologies has you covered. We will safely drain your pool, clean the area, and reinstall the winter pool cover. The last step is to clean the vicinity, leaving your pool winter ready.

The pool closings include:

  • Draining the Pool
  • Vacuuming the Pool
  • Cover Installation
  • Cleaning the Pool Pump and Filter System

Weekly Pool Maintenance for Roxbury

Aquatic Technologies offers hassle-free weekly pool cleaning and inspections so you can enjoy your pool all season, worry free! The maintenance package includes pool vacuuming, scrubbing the siding, cleaning the filters and pumps, testing the chemical levels, and summarizing it all with a smart e-mail.

Smart E-Mails

For the tech savvy customers out there, Aquatic Technologies offers detailed maintenance reports that are sent straight to your email! The email includes information like chemical levels, service updates, and more. You can keep a hassle-free service log with no paper receipts to keep track of.

Commercial Pool Service in Roxbury, CT

Aquatic Technologies offers top quality pool construction and maintenance services to the Roxbury customers. Our certified specialists pride themselves on being able to ensure that your pool is clear for all pool users. With years of experience, they are able to provide in-depth knowledge about pool chemicals, filter and pump mechanisms, and pool hydraulics. Your Roxbury pool will be in great condition.

Roxbury, CT's Trusted Pool & Spa Company

Whether you are looking to install a new pool, renovate an existing one, or maintain your current one, Aquatic Technologies in Roxbury, CT have the professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff to make this a reality. If you would like to know more about the services offered, company, or staff, call today!