The team at Aquatic Technologies, Inc is dedicated to providing our valued clients with the highest quality products and services. Our highly experienced pool and maintenance specialists are on hand to take care of all your spa and in-ground swimming pool construction, renovation, and maintenance needs. (We do not offer services for above-ground swimming pools.) At Aquatic Technologies, we offer high-quality services and affordable prices to accommodate to the needs of our clients.

Pool Services offered in Middlebury, CT

  • Pool Construction (Gunite & Vinyl Liner)
  • Pool Surface Re-plastering
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Opening & Closing Pool Services
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Emailed Pool Reports
  • Pool Heater Installation & Repair
  • Variable Speed Pump Installation
  • Pool Automation Systems
  • Masonry Services
  • Commercial Pool Care

With over 10 years of pool construction, renovation and maintenance experience, clients can rely on the professionalism and commitment of our dedicated team. Our staff always show up on time and adhere to your project schedule. We have been recognized as one of the most trusted pool contractors in Middlebury.

Pool Construction in Middlebury, CT

Gunite Swimming Pools

When it comes to the long-time dreams of our clients to create and design a perfect tropical oasis in their backyards, we are the team for you. Our team of skilled designers offers a wide range of customizable Gunite swimming pool designs that can be customized to meet your individual needs. The process begins with land excavation and the placement of steel wiring along the ground surface. Steel wiring ensures the safety of your pool from ice pressure and other winter conditions. The next step in the process is to spray concrete mix into the hole.

Our specialists will sand, smooth, and test the concrete layer to ensure its durability and strength and then apply layers of tile, stone, plaster, and other elements for the purpose of waterproofing the area. There are a variety of color schemes to choose from for the interior finish, all of which are sure to guarantee your satisfaction.

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

At Aquatic Technologies, we offer a full lineup of shapes and sizes for your vinyl swimming pool liner installation. Our Middlebury clients can also choose from a variety of finishes for their liners which include printed tile and stone. Our team is on hand to assist with all our important decision making and help you make choices that satisfy the layout of your home property and the location where your pool will be installed.

Note: Vinyl liners require proper maintenance to remain in the best condition. Our technicians can assist.

Pool Renovation in Middlebury, CT

Pool Surface Re-plastering

For those who find themselves faced with the deterioration of their pool surface, we offer surface re-plastering which is typically required every 10 years. To resolve the problems at hand, our maintenance and renovation specialists will pump, clean, chisel and sand the problem areas and follow up by applying an acid spray in advance of the new plaster being installed onto the surface. Once the installed plaster is dry, we will apply a new coat of paint to the surface and leave your pool looking like new! We can also use the same protocols to repair damaged concrete patios and pool decks as needed.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Vinyl liner replacements should occur every 15 years. Aquatic Technologies, Inc. is on hand to help determine whether or not a liner replacement is needed and to measure and install a new vinyl liner if needed. We partner with the best manufacturers for our commitment to provide the highest quality vinyl liners to all our clients. All you need to do is choose the color scheme and design and our specialists will handle the rest.

Pool Masonry in Middlebury, CT

At Aquatic Technologies, we take pride in the fact that we not only help our clients to create the best swimming pool, but the best backyard oasis as well. Our professional team of designers, masons, and contractors easily turn dreams into realities. In addition to the installation of your in-ground pool, our team is equipped to build steps, patios, fireplaces, waterfalls, grottos, and more. To learn more about our services, contact us today at 203-244-7357.

Pool Maintenance in Middlebury, CT

Pool Openings

With summer only a couple of months away, our team is ready to assist all our Middlebury clients with their pool and backyard needs. We provide all the services needed to get your pool cleaned, opened, and ready to enjoy for another summer season.

Our Pool Openings Include:

  • Winter cover removal
  • Start of circulation system
  • Heater test
  • Added chemicals
  • Debris cleanup

Pool Closings

We provide services needed to close your pool at the end of the summer season. Our dedicated team of pool specialists here at Aquatic Technologies is prepared to meet your every need. We will safely and efficiently remove all water from the pool, clean out the area, install the pool cover, and clean the surrounding area, leaving your pool and property protected for the upcoming cold months.

Our Pool Closings Include:

  • Pumping out water of pool
  • Vacuuming of pool
  • Installing existing pool cover
  • Cleanup of pool pump & filter system

Weekly Pool Maintenance for Middlebury

When it comes to proper pool maintenance, leave the tasks to us. Throughout the summer months, specialists at Aquatic Technologies perform weekly pool inspections and cleanings for pool owners. Maintenance tasks include vacuuming the pool, cleaning out filters and pumps, brushing and scrubbing the siding, and testing the chemical levels. In addition, we offer a service of delivering smart emails with regard to your pool maintenance.

Smart E-mails

Aquatic Technologies is at the top of the charts in the pool service industry when it comes to customer care and satisfaction. A unique aspect of our maintenance program is that of sending smart emails to our Middlebury clients that include a detailed report. This report includes an outline of each task performed and data identifying chemical levels, service dates, and other pertinent information. With our smart emails, clients can easily track important information about their pool and maintenance performed.

Pool Heater Maintenance & Repair

Pool Heater Installation

It is easy to provide a suitable temperature for your pool with the installation of a pool heater. Swimming in a pool that is too cold or warm can ruin your experience, but not when using an affordable and energy efficient pool heating system.

Pool Heater Repair

If our Middlebury pool owners are faced with a malfunctioning pool heater, our team of specialists can quickly and easily repair it. If it’s outdated, we can install an upgraded system.

Pool Energy Efficiency Solutions in Middlebury

In addition to providing the high quality pool installations, Aquatic Technologies offer our Middlebury clients energy-saving solutions for their swimming pools. We understand the importance of conserving energy and encourage our clients to take advantage of our energy-saving solutions.

Automated Pool System Installation in Middlebury

At Aquatic Technologies, we also offer automated pool systems that help clients stay more efficient. With pool automation programmed through your WiFi, you can schedule your filtration cycles, heating, cleaning, and monitor your water features, lighting, and other features.

Variable Speed Pump Installation in Middlebury

In addition to our many products and services, we can also install a variable speed pool pump that can help in lowering your energy costs. Our variable speed pumps function through permanent magnet motors and speed adjustments are made specific to different HPs and flow rates, all of which can help save energy over time. It is very easy to switch to a variable speed pump. To learn more, contact us today.

Commercial Pool Services in Middlebury, CT

At Aquatic Technologies, we take pride in our commercial pool construction and maintenance services. Our certified maintenance specialists and operators, with their knowledge and years of experience in chemical compositions, pump and filter operations and pool hydraulics, can provide you with the best commercial pool.

Middlebury, CT's Trusted Pool and Spa Company

If you are in the market for a new in-ground pool, in need of renovations to an existing pool or simply want routine maintenance for your in-ground pool, Aquatic Technologies, Inc. is there to help. Our team can get the job done in timelines accommodating to your individual needs and at prices that are competitive yet affordable. To learn more about our services, company, and dedicated team of pool experts, contact us and schedule your free consultation!