Commercial Pool Maintenance & Service Greater Danbury, CT

Commercial Pools

Aquatic Technologies INC. maintains many commercial swimming pools in the greater Fairfield county area. Because of our competitive prices and excellent record of service with each of our commercial accounts, they continue to use us year after year.

Aquatic Technologies Inc. keeps you in the loop, and provides you with the most detailed information as soon as the job is completed. We are the best and smartest choice for all your swimming pool service needs.

With our state of the art technology, we have the ability to send an E-mail to a specific property manager immediately following the completion of each maintenance visit or service call. This E-mail is the completed work order, and contains a very detailed record of:

  • The time the service was completed
  • The name of the technician that performed the maintenance
  • All chemical readings that were tested on that visit
  • All chemicals that were added to the swimming pool on that visit
  • How long until it is safe to swim
  • Any other services that were performed that day (cleaning of the filter, backwashing, etc.)
  • The water level of the pool, if we added water and how much
  • Any comments our technician has for you
  • Photos our technician would like to show you
  • Any other information that should be brought to your attention

Each log is not only emailed as soon as the job is complete, but the maintenance and service history for each pool is available any time through our very own customer portal. Each property will have it's very own username and password and can be accessed anytime via the web.

For each date a service or maintenance was performed, you have a detailed record of everything that was completed on each visit (date, time, chemical readings, chemicals added, services performed, etc.).

There is also a complete equipment list for your pool, the instruction booklets that coincide with each piece of equipment, serial #'s and warranty information for each piece of equipment, photos of your pool and pool equipment with everything neatly labeled, even the current balance due on the account.