Aquatic Technologies , Inc professionals work tirelessly to make your wishes come true. We provide Certified Pool Operators and Maintenance Specialists who will construct, renovate, and maintain your Brookfield in-ground swimming pool and spa. Our pride ourselves on our affordable services. We only service in-ground pools, not above ground.

Pool Services offered in Brookfield, CT

  • Pool Construction (Gunite & Vinyl Liner)
  • Pool Surface Re-plastering
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Opening & Closing Pool Services
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Emailed Pool Reports
  • Pool Heater Installation & Repair
  • Variable Speed Pump Installation
  • Pool Automation Systems
  • Masonry Services
  • Commercial Pool Care

For over a decade, Aquatic Technologies has been the most trusted pool service in Brookfield. Our You can fully rely on our professional, experienced workers who always stay on schedule and show up on time. Give us a call now so we can make your dreams a reality!

Pool Construction in Brookfield, CT

Gunite Swimming Pools

In order to build your dream pool, we offer an abundant list of customizable gunite swimming pool designs that we build. Our workers start with excavation to start the building of your Brookfield pool. We then smooth out the area and place a steel wiring along the surface before concrete mix is poured into the hole. The steel wiring protects the structure from any weather problems that can occur in the winter.

When the concrete layer is sanded, smoothed, and tested for durability, the area is then waterproofed and layered with tile, stone, plaster and other resources. You can customize your exterior the way you want after the pool is built to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

We offer a wide variety of sizes and finishes for your vinyl liner swimming pools from printed steal to stone. Our experienced professionals are here to talk you through what would be your dream pool to match perfectly with your home and yard.

Note: Gunite pools are more durable during the harsh winter weather; however, gunite pools till require maintenance to ensure they remain in good condition, which can be provided by your Brookfield Maintenance team.

Pool Renovation in Brookfield, CT

Pool Surface Re-plastering

Our experienced Aquatic Technologies team of renovation experts can help renovate your Brookfield swimming pool if you experience peeling, leaking, other deterioration on the surface. We recommend getting re-plastering even before any problems occur, with a maintenance of every 10 years or so depending how often your use your swimming pool. Our Maintenance specialist will pump, clean, chisel, and sand the problems areas and then use acid spray to make sure the surface is ready for the new plaster. Once the plaster has dried completely, our certified specialist will then paint a coat over the replastering, making your Brookfield swimming pool look brand new. This process can also be done with concrete patios and pool decks.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

We recommend getting a vinyl liner replacement every 15 years or so depending on how often you use your Brookfield swimming pool. Our experienced Aquatic Technologies team will measure and install new vinyl of your choosing. Tell us what design you want, and we will make it happen. We want you to relax by your pool as soon as possible, so allow us to do all the work to make that happen!

Pool Masonry in Brookfield, CT

Our team of specialists at Aquatic Technologies are here to leave you satisfied with your dream pool. Our work isn’t over until you can relax in your backyard paradise. Allow us to build your pool surroundings how you've always wanted from steps, patios, fireplaces, waterfalls, grottos, to so much more! Contact our specialists to tell us your dream, and we will bring it to life. Call our office now at 203-244-7357 to learn more about our services.

Pool Maintenance in Brookfield, CT

Pool Openings

When summer comes around, we know that you want to be able to relax by your dream pool. We are here to help you make those dreams come true so you can have the relaxing summer you’ve always wanted. Contact us and our professionals will make sure everything is ready to go for summer. No need to stress over any pool work, leave it to us and relax by your pool worry free.

Our Pool Openings Include:

  • Winter cover removal
  • Start of circulation system
  • Heater test
  • Added chemicals
  • Debris cleanup

Pool Closings

All good things come to an end, and for us it is the summer months when you need to close your pool. We know this is a sad time as the weather gets colder, but leave it the your Aquatic Technologies team to take care of everything for you, so you can be stress free. We will remove the pool water, clean up, and install the pool cover, so your pool can be protected in the winter.

Our Pool Closings Include:

  • Pumping out water of pool
  • Vacuuming of pool
  • Installing existing pool cover
  • Cleanup of pool pump & filter system

Weekly Pool Maintenance for Brookfield

We offer weekly pool maintenance for your Brookfield pool so you can enjoy your pool day in and day out in the summer months. We will inspect and clean your pool weekly. We will vacuum, brush, scrub, clean the filters and pumps, and test the chemical levels for you. Use our smart e-mails that we offer it will be quick and easy for your to easily maintain your pool.

Smart E-mails

What are smart e-mails? After each maintenance appointment, a detailed report will be immediately emailed to you so you are able to stay up to date on your pool matters. This email will provide you with all of your swimming pool chemical levels, service dates, and other important information pertaining to your pool. With this simple tool, you can keep track of all the details you need to make sure your pool is safe and maintained so you can relax and swim stress free.

Pool Heater Maintenance & Repair

Pool Heater Installation

No need to worry about your pool’s temperature with our pool heater service. Our pool heater installation services allow you to choose the perfect temperature for your pool. Our pool heaters are easy to install and affordable so you don’t have to break the bank every month. Contact us and we will give you details on energy-efficient pool heating systems for your Brookfield swimming pool.

Pool Heater Repair

No need to stress if you have a faulty pool heater. Call our experience technicians and we will come right away to repair your pool heater and make sure you can continue to enjoy your pool. We can upgrade your heater to a more energy-efficient, affordable pool heater to make sure you aren’t losing your money. We will sit down with you to explain your best upgrading options for your Brookfield swimming pool.

Pool Energy Efficiency Solutions in Brookfield

When it comes to professional quality pool installations in Brookfield, you can trust our experienced technicians to get the job done. It is our job to save you time and money so you can enjoy your swimming pool. We install pools that will save energy and allow you to get the most out of your pool without going over budget.

Automated Pool System Installation in Brookfield

We know that maintaining your pool can be very time consuming. However, our automated pool system allows you to control your pool’s water features, lighting, etc. from anywhere you like! We install your automated pool system for you and it works instantly, all you need is wifi. Pool automation allows you to schedule maintenance, filtration cycles, heating, and cleaning, so you don’t always have to worry about your pool.

Trust us when we tell you that the automated pool system pays off when you realize how much money and time you saved from continuously having to maintain your pool in Brookfield. You will instantly see a difference when it comes time for your monthly energy bill payment.

Variable Speed Pump Installation in Brookfield

One of the biggest advances in our industry these last couple decades have been our variable speed pumps. These speed pumps can save you bundles of money in energy costs. Our trusted employees install variable speed pumps for all kinds of pools in Brookfield. Variable speed pumps run on permanent magnet motors. Pump speeds can be adjusted to different HPs and flow rates. This allows you to have the power when you want, and saves you energy when power is not your main concern.

The outcome of variable speed pumps leaves you with lower energy costs for your pool maintenance. These pumps are not loud, so you’ll still be able to enjoy your time by your Brookfield pool with no interruption. Make the switch to variable speed pumps! It is simple and easy, and we can walk you through it and install it right away.

Commercial Pool Services in Brookfield, CT

We pride ourselves on our commercial pool construction and maintenance services here at Aquatic Technologies. We have created a team of certified maintenance specialists and operators who have been trained on exactly what to do in order for you to have the perfect pool you desire. We guarantee we will leave you satisfied. Our growing knowledge and experience in chemical compositions, pump and filter operations, and the mechanisms of the pool will leave you with the best commercial pool in Brookfield.

Brookfield, CT's Trusted Pool and Spa Company

Leave it to your trusted Aquatic Technologies team if you are looking to build and install a pool, renovate an old one, or maintain your current one in Brookfield. Our team is filled with experts who are dedicated to their jobs and who work tirelessly to leave you satisfied. We make sure our services are done efficiently and affordably leaving you speechless at the finished masterpiece. Contact us to learn more about our services, our company, and our experienced crew!